Sable Chief was gifted to the Regiment in 1917 by a Canadian military officer. He was one of three mascots of the Regiment at Ayr, joining the ranks of Boodles and Bill who came before him.

Sable was entrusted to 14-year old Pte. Hazen Fraser. Sable marched with the Regiment Band at the head of the Battalion. It is said that he not only kept in step when marching but that he would stand up with the “opening bars of the National Anthem and remain at attention until its conclusion”*.

Sable Chief (mascot) and his handler, Pte. Hazen Fraser, head the Regiment Band as they set out towards the 3rd London General Hospital for Newfoundland Week, September 1917. (ACC#2008-134)





Sable was the beloved mascot until 1918 when he was unfortunately hit by a lorry. He is currently part of the collection at The Room Provincial Museum and can be found at the entrance to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Gallery. The Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum holds Pte. Hazen Fraser’s Service Medal and it is currently on display. 


*Nicholson, Colonel G.W.L. The Fighting Newfoundland: A History of The Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Government of Newfoundland, 1964, p. 220.

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