A postcard from Frank Lind to Nellie Laymore. Lind is identified as second from the left

Francis T. Lind was a soldier during the First World War. Originally from Little Bay, Newfoundland, he is most remembered under the nickname “Mayo”. Lind wrote letters to the Daily Mail and were published for everyone back at home to read, to get an insight into life on the front lines. He was one of the many that never made it back home after July 1st, 1916. 

Requested by his mother, this lectern was built as a memorial to Francis “Mayo” Lind. Funded by the proceeds of local sales of the bound book of Lind’s letters, “The Letters of Mayo Lind”.

Manufactured by J. Wippell and Co., Ltd. of London and Exeter. When brought to Newfoundland, it was displayed in the windows of Ayre & Sons, Ltd (a dry goods department) while waiting for the brass plate to be attached. Upon receiving the plate, it was moved to Little Bay and donated to the Church of England at St. Luke’s. Little Bay was the hometown community of Francis T. “Mayo” Lind. 

The Plaque reads:

“To the Glory of God and in memory of Private Francis T. Lind/Born at Betts Cove. March 9th, 1879, who, with many of his gallant comrades, fell gloriously in action at Beaumont Hamel in France, on July 1st, 1916. Their name liveth forevermore.”

The lectern was unveiled at a memorial service for Lind at St. Luke’s in Little Bay, July 3rd 1921. It was a well attended service, officiated by Reverend Bull. The lectern was placed in the School Chapel.

It was moved to St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Springdale when St. Luke’s in Little Bay closed. It was in service there until it, too, closed in 2021. 

Donators: John and Netta Edgar

It remained in the custody of a parishioner of the church until this year where it was graciously donated by John Edgar on the parishioner’s behalf. 

We are glad to be able to accept this memorial piece in honor of Francis T. “Mayo” Lind. The lectern is now on display at the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum for visitors to see. 

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