Located in south-west Scotland, Ayr served as the Depot for the Royal Newfoundland Regiment for most of the First World War. The connection between the Newfoundlanders stationed there and the town of Ayr was strong. This bond can be seen, not only in the stories and memories created, but in the two gifts presented to Newfoundlanders from the town of Ayr. 

The base of this cigar box is made of oak taken from the “Auld Brig O’Ayr” or the “Old Bridge of Ayr”. This makes the base over 800 years old. This special box was a gift to the Officers of the First Newfoundland Regiment by the Town of Ayr, Scotland on January 13 1916. 

This pair of spoons are carved from deer antler and are engraved with “a present from Ayr” . They belonged to Janet Miller (later Murray) who served with the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) in England during the First World War. She was engaged, and later married, to Captain Eric S. Ayre. 

Visit the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum to see these items, and more gifts to the Regiment, on display.

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