Every soldier brought something with them from home, whether a token from family, community, or faith. These had to be small, something to fit in a pocket, a bag, or around their neck. Items like this were symbols of why they fought, and what gave them the drive to keep fighting. They sought solace and comfort in these reminders of home and community, something bigger than themselves.

For Pte. John Joseph Peddell (#705), some of the tokens he brought were of his faith. One was his rosary beads: black beads with a silver chain and crucifix. The second was a small, black leather case that held a crucifix, prayers, and identification/instructions in case of death. The third is a small religious icon of Madonna and Child. The figures are made of brass and are held within a two piece brass case. All three are the perfect size so Peddle could bring them with him wherever he went while serving in the Regiment. 

Come visit the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum to see other tokens and items carried by soldiers from the Regiment, including Peddle’s Rosary Beads, Prayer Book, and Icon.

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