Larry Dohey



It is with great sadness that the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum committee  learned of the sudden passing of Larry Dohey, archivist with The Rooms. Larry, as he was known to many of us was an easy going and knowledgeble historian who was quick to share a laugh and selflessly give assistance. We offer our condolences to Lary’s family and take solice in the fact that his hard work and enthusiasm for the history and culture of Newfoundland and Labrador will live on for generations.

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Thousands attend Peace Parade in St. John’s 100 years ago today


Exactly one hundred years ago today thousands of St. John’s citizens turned out to celebrate the end of the most horrific war that they had ever known.  

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On August 5, 1919, during the second day of Peace Celebrations for the end of the war held in St. John’s and other communities culminated in a great display of the victorious allies by floats carrying ex-servicemen and sailors, nurses, and war trophies. Hundreds of flags and bunting flew from houses and businesses along the parade route. It was followed later that night with fireworks.


The parade was chaired by Lt. COl Walter F Rendell, Royal Newfoundland Regiment and supported by hundreds of local citizens. 




Evening Telegram August 6, 1919

Photos Courtesy of The Rooms Provincial Archives Division, St. John’s, NL.