RNFLDR annual Anzac Parade

The 1st Battalion, Royal Newfoundland Regiment held its annual parade to commemorate the British and French armies landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula on April 25, 1915. The annual parade took place on Saturday April 28 and coincided with the 223rd birthday celebrations of the Regiment whose birthday also falls on April 25. The Parade formed […]

Museum hosts Turkish Delegation

On Tuesday April 24, 2018 The Royal Newfoundland Regiment hosted a visit by a Turkish Delegation visiting Newfoundland and Labrador as a part of an information and discussion sessions to facilitate the placement of a Caribou Memorial in Gallipoli, Turkey.  Speaker of the House of Assembly Announces Caribou for Gallipoli. On April 25 the Turkish […]

Captain (ret) Ken Lutz presents banners at the Trail of the Caribou Series during the Beaumont-Hamel Centennial Cup

A veteran of eight campaigns and a member of the Military Order of Merit, Captain (ret) Ken Lutz presents the winning teams of the Trail of the Caribou series with banners representing one of four Caribous that were erected to commemorate the Royal Newfoundland Regiment’s battles during the First World War.  Lutz retired from the […]