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Regimental Time Line WWI

(Courtesy Dr. David Parsons – Pilgrimage)

  Aug 21 Regiment formed and first men enlisted. CO Major W.H. Franklin. Training at Pleasantville
  Oct 4 Overseas on S.S. Florizel. (Joined convoy carrying Canadian Division)
  Oct.20 Disembarked Plymouth. To Salisbury Plain (Pond Farm Camp) CO Lt. Col E.B. Clegg
  Nov 12 Lt. Col  R. de H. Burton
  Dec 7 to Fort George, Inverness
  Feb 19 to Edinburgh Castle
  May  11 to Stobs Camp, Hawich
  Aug  2 HQ and 2nd Battalion Depot established at Ayr  (CO Maj. Whitaker)
  Aug 2 1st Battalion to Aldershot -Badajoz Barracks
  Aug.19 leave Aldershot
  Aug 20 embarked Devonport on SS Megantic
  Sep 1 landed Alexandria -Abbassia Barracks
  Sep 13 embarked Alexandria on SS Ausonia
  Sep 18 arrived Mudros
  Sep 20 Landed GALLIPOLI -Suvla Bay
  Sep 22 First Casualty
  Dec  5 CO Lt. Col. A.L. Hadow
  Dec 20 Evacuate Suvla Bay
  Dec 22 to Cape Helles
  Jan 9 Evacuate Cape Helles
  Jan 11 disembarked SS Varsova at Alexandria ­Suez Camp
  Nov-Feb 22 Western Frontier Force
  Mar 14 embarked Port Tewfik on MT Alauria
  Mar 22 disembarked Marseilles – entrained to Abbeville
  Mar 25 detrained Pont Remy – march to Buigny L’Abbe
  Mar 31 march to Brucamps
  Apr 1 Bonneville
  Apr 4 Louvencourt
  Apr 13 Englebelmer
  Apr 22 In the line – Relieved Worcester Regt at  Beaumont-Hamel
  May 3 relieved by South Wales Borderers (SWB) -to Mailly Maillet
  May 3-8 Trench Construction
  May 8 to Louvencourt
  May 18 Front line Beaumont Hamel
  May 28 to Mailly Maillet
  Jun 7 to Louvencourt
  Jun 15 Front line
  Jun 23 relieved by SWB -to Louvencourt
  Jun 26 Trench raid
  Jun 27 Trench raid
  Jul 1 BEAUMONT HAMEL battle
  Jul 6 to Englebelmer
  Jul 8 to Mailly Maillet
  Jul 14 in trenches east of Auchonvillers
  Jul 17 relieved by SWB – to Acheux
  Jul 23 march to Beauval
  Jul 27 to Candas
  Jul 28 Poperinghe by train
  Jul 30 Brigade. reserve (east side of Ypres-
Menin Gate construction of X-line al Polijze)
  Aug 8 Gas attack
  Aug 9 YPRES – relieved Worc. Regt in the line
Bellewaarde Lake area – Railway Wood and Y Wood
  Aug 18 relieved – to Brandhoek
  Aug 29 Front line Ypres
  Sep 8 to Reserve
  Sep 19 Elverdinghe -construction on line
  Sep 29 Reserve at Ypres
  Oct 5 Poperinghe 3 days
  Oct 8 by train to Longeau (near Amiens) – march to Corbie
  Oct 9 bus to Bernafay Wood
  Oct 10 via Delville Wood and Flers to Gueudecourt
to relieve Royal Fusiliers
  Oct 12 GUEUDECOURT -attack on Hilt Trench
  Oct 13 relieved by Hampshire Regt  – to Switch
Trench between Flers and Delville Wood
  Oct 20 Bernafay Wood  – Div Reserve
  Oct 27 Grease Trench for 1day – relieved by Aussies
  Oct 28 Corps Reserve -Ville sur Corbie
  Nov 17 LESBOEUFS  – relieved 8th Div  – NfId. and
Worc Regts in Front NE of Lesboeufs
  Nov 22 relieved by Hampshires – ­served 6 days, then 3 days in Front Une
  Nov 27 Major J Forbes- Robertson, 2ic, in command
  Dec 9 to Corps Reserve -Camoy -Meaulte -Mericourt I’Abbe -Fricourt  – road construction at Fricourt and Carnoy
  Dec 14 entrained to Conde – march to Camps-en-Amienois
  Jan 11 Camps-en-Amienois to Corbie
  Jan 15 Corbie -march to Meaulte
  Jan 16 Meaulte
  Jan 17 Camoy
  Jan 18 Guillemont
  Jan 19 LE TRANSLOY – Front line
  Jan 24 moved NE to left half of 87 Bde sector
  Jan 27 in support attack by Inniskilling Fusiliers and
Border Regt
  Feb 2 to Carnoy
  Feb 6 by bus to Coisey to rest camp
  Feb 18 march via Meaulte, Carnoy, Bourleaux Wood
  Feb 23 relieved Lanc Fus at Sailly-Saillisel
  Feb 25 withdrawn to Hardecourt
  Mar 2 SAILLY-SAILLISEL (SCARPE) -relieved R. Fus., R. Dublin Fus., Lanc. Fus.  Held trenches for 52 hours
  Mar 3 relieved by Lanc Fus
  Mar 5 Meaulte – Div. Reserve
  Mar 19 to Camps-en-Amienois
  Mar 28 left Camps-en-Amienois – march via Picquigny, Vignacourt, Beauval, Grenas and Pommera, Ivergny, Coullement, to Gouy en Artois
  Apr 11 rehearsal for attack
  Apr 12 march to Les Fosses Farm (near Arras) relieved bn of 12th Div on Cambrai road from Le Bergere Farm to Monchy Ie Preux
  Apr 18 Composite bn of  Essex & Nfld. Regts in Reserve Trench at Orange Hill
  Apr 22 to Les Fosses Farm
  Apr 23 Les Fosses Farm – String Trench – guarding right flank 88th Bde
  Apr 24 relieved by Middlesex Regt  – march to Arras – Rest 3 weeks -Bayencourt, Berneville
  Mar 2 Recall to Arras – in support 29 Div
  May 6 Lt. Col. Hadow resumes command
  May 14 Div Reserve – trenches at Tilloy
  May 17 to Dugouts at Railway Triangle (near Arras)
  May 25 Front Line north of Monchy
  May 29 relieved by Essex Regt
  Jun 4 Arras to Bonneville by train
  Jun 27 by train to Proven
  Jul 6-12 YSER CANAL – Front Line
  Jul 12 training in Proven area
  Jul 12-13 Trench Raid
  Jul 17-18 Trench Raid
  Aug 8 29th Div in line North of Ypres-Staden railway (YPRES)
  Aug 17 relieved by 86th Bde – to Elverdinghe
  Aug 20-24 CANNES FARM -Front Line
  Aug 24 Penton Camp (near Proven) for 3 weeks
  Sep 26 WIJDENDRIFT -Front Line NW of
  Sep 30 Penton Camp
  Oct 7 from Cardoem Camp to Yser Canal Bank
  Oct 10 relieved by Hampshire Regt
  Oct 11 29 Div relieved by 17 Div via Elverdinghe to Swindon Camp ( Proven)
  Oct 17 entrained to Saulty – march to Berles-au-Bois
  Nov 17 Berles – Boisleux au Monts – entrain to Peronne
  Nov 18 via Moislains to Sorel-Ie-Grand
  Nov 20 Sorel to Gouzeaucourt to Villers Plouich
  Nov 21 Reserve at Masnieres
  Nov 22 relieved by Middlesex Regt
  Nov 25 in Trenches at Beaurevoir Line
  Nov 28 reserve at Marcoing
  Nov 30 held Line at Marcoing Copse
  Dec 3 German attacks -withdrew with SWB
along Canal Bank  -relieved by Hampshires at 9 PM to 11.1 mile rear of Front Line
  Dec 4 withdrew to Etricourt  – train to Mondicourt
  Dec 17 King George awards the title ‘Royal’ to the Newfoundland Regiment
  Dec 18 Humbercourt to Boubers sur Canche
  Dec 19 to Le Parcq
  Dec 20 to Fressin. Lt. Col. Hadow retires as CO.
Temporary CO – Lt. Col. J.R.Meiklejohn
  Jan 1 CO – Lt. Col J.S. Woodruffe
  Jan 6 Fressin to Zudausques (St. Omer)
  Jan 18 to Wyemes – entrain to Brandhoek ­to Hasler Camp (St. Jans)
  Jan 26 Front Line – Vindictive Crossroads (North of Passchendaele)
  Jan 30 relieved – support positions at Bellevue
  Feb 3 to Wiellje -entrain to Brandhoek -preparation of trenches at Brandhoek Line
  Feb 12 reserve Steenvorde
  Feb 19 to Poperinghe -work parties
  Mar 7 Vindictive Crossroads – Front Line-
N. of Passchendaele – Front Line 5 days and 4 days – working on
trenches when out of Front Line
  Mar 21 German Offensive begins
  Apr 9 relieved from Front Line N. of Passchendaele
  Apr 10 to Van Hugel Station (Wiellje) -train to St. Jan Ter Biezen – to Bailleul – debussed at La Creche for defence of Steenwerck – attached to 34th Div
  Apr 11 De Broeken Farm
  Apr 12 Bailleul Rd near RR Line – fell  back to De Seule Crossroads
  Apr 13 withdrew against attacks – relieved by Northumberland Regt
  Apr 15 march to Croix de Poperinghe
  Apr 18 Front Line -Ridge at Croix de Poperinghe
  Apr 21 relieved by French
  Apr 22 bus to Hondeghem (Hazebrouck)
  Apr 29 Left 29th Div. – to Etaples
  Apr 30 camp at St. Josse – relieved HAC as Haig’s HQ Guard -billeted at Ecuires (near Montreuil)
  Jun 1 Major A.E.Bernard – acting CO
  Jun 30 CO – Lt. Col. T.G. Mathias
  Jun-Jul training at Camiers -encamped at Equihen
  Aug Guarding P.O.W
  Sep 11 to 2nd Army, 9th Div, 28th Bde
  Sep 12 from Boulonge via Poperinghe to Wormhoult
  Sep 18 joined 28th Bde
  Sep 20 to Front Line via Proven, Seige Camp (NE of Vlam) relieved 26thBde North of Hellfire Corner
  Sep 28 Attack through Westhoek to Polygon Wood (YPRES)
  Sep 29 Advance from Polygon Wood to KEIBERG
RIDGE to Strooiboomhoek
  Sep 30 in reserve
  Oct 2 to Front Line at Ledeghem
  Oct 6 relieved and to Keiberg
  Oct 13 to Front for attack on Steenbeck
  Oct 13 VICTORIA CROSS to Pte T. Ricketts during
attack at De Beurt Farm near Drie Masten
  Oct 15 to St. Catherine Capelle (North of Courtrai) – in Reserve 4 days
  Oct 19-20 RIVER LYS CROSSING from Bavichove to
  Oct 20 Bavichove to VICHTE
  Oct 21 held line relieved in evening – to Harlebeke
  Oct 24 to Vichte
  Oct 25 to attack INGOYGHEM RIDGE – cancelled
  Oct 26 relieved – to Harlebeke, billeted at Bavichove
  Nov 11 at Harlebeke
  Nov 14 march to Germany
  Dec 1 CO – Lt. Col. A.E. Bernard
  Dec 4 Crossed the Rhine – entered Germany as part of the Army of Occupation
  Feb 14 withdrew from Germany
  May 3 Victory Parade, London
  Jun 1 arrived St. John’s