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1812: Queenston Heights


Queenston Heights 1812

On October 13th, the Americans launched their first great offensive of the war. The American commander, General Van Rensselaer, commanded a force of nearly 6500 troops. On October 13th, 1812 he was able to position part of his army atop Queenston Heights despite a spirited defence by its British defenders. General Brock departed hastily from Fort George,  leading a force which counter-attacked the Americans. The first attempt failed and General Brock was killed by an American sniper. British reinforcements, along with Indian allies, from Fort George were later able to outflank the Americans who eventually surrendered marking Queenstown Heights as a glorious victory for the British despite the loss of their beloved commander.

Brock’s vision and leadership would be sorely missed by the British army and Canadian militias in the future months of the war. Despite the loss of Brock, 1812 had been a good year for the defence of Canada. Its success would not be equaled in the next two years.