Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Andrew Bulger was commissioned an ensign in the newly formed Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Fencible Infantry in 1804. From there he served in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Lower Canada. 

Naval General Service Medal – War of 1812 on The Great Lakes. Currently on display at the Royal Newfoundland Regiment museum.

Bulger was a lieutenant when the War of 1812 began in June 1812. During his service in the Regiment, Bulger fought on the Niagara peninsula and Detroit in 1812, Fort George and Stoney Creek in 1813. He was also employed on the boat service along the St. Lawrence and the fighting at the Battle of Chrysler’s Farm.

The medal featured to the left was given to Lt. Bulger for his service at Fort Mackinac in 1814 where he aided in the capture of two American warships: the “Tigress” and the “Scorpion”. 

In October 1814, Bulger was given command of Fort Mackay and he remained there until news of peace reached them in April 1815. 

Fort McKay being turned over to the Americans in 1815. Bulger is reported to be on the far right, hatless. Currently on display at the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum.












His regiment was disbanded in 1816 and he died in Montreal on March 28th, 1858. 

Visit the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum to see Lt. Bulger’s Naval General Service Medal on display and find out more about this hero, or visit and





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